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Do I need to know the office panel?

2018-07-10 11:50:10


Office panels can be an attractive, practical and inexpensive way to:

Provide 'private' individual and/or group work areas through the use of:

Straight panels

Curved panels

Glazed panels

Provide additional storage through the use of:

Transaction tops

Overhead storage units

Direct the flow of traffic through the use of:

Five heights of panels

Eight widths of panels in six inch increments from 24" to 72"
Reduce glare by selecting proper panel heights from:


Ceiling  lighting


Global has a number of panels to provide solutions to any of these areas.

       Global's GPS Panels are an easy-to-use, completely portable system. 

        They may be freestanding or linked by hardware. The 'Chromed',         'Painted Epoxy' or 'Fabric Wrapped' steel frames, which coordinate with existing office furniture. GPS Panels offer four grades of fabrics to enhance any color scheme.